Review on the Movie Hidden Figures


Photo by Madison W. & Lucy D.

Hidden Figures is a movie based on a true story about three African american women, Katherine Johnson (Taraji P. Henson), Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer) and Mary Jackson (Janelle Monáe) who worked for NASA. These women are trying help put the first man successfully into space while struggling with segregation. This movie was a great experience, and it was very inspiring and uplifting. This movie shows that even with obstacles in your way you can overcome anything.

 The scene where Al Harrison (Kevin Costner) knocks down the sign of the segregated bathroom and tells the workers that that NASA is an unsegregated business, puts the movie in a breathtaking mood. He decided to knock down the colored bathroom sign because Katherine Johnson was having to run a far distance to go to a colored bathroom everyday at work. Having to go far everyday to the bathroom a couple times a day was stopping her from working as much she could.

  There was another scene where she went over to the coffee on her second day and she noticed something different than the day before, there was a colored coffee container just for the colored (her). The audience feels bad for her because she was the only one having to use it. In the container there was no coffee so she was having to make the coffee herself.

  In another scene she is called in to help with the “go, no go” plan by John Glenn (Glen Powell) who says that he wants someone smart and that he only trusted her to check the numbers. After helping the plan Al Harrison (her old boss) gives her job back. This is an amazing moment because it shows a white man respecting an African american woman.

  Hidden Figures is an empowering and amazing movie. It is definitely worth your money.