Alamo Drafthouse; enjoy quality films while dining

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The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is a popular movie theater in Austin.

Many people have been to the Alamo Drafthouse, and have good words to say about it.

“When I go to the Alamo Drafthouse, it gives atmosphere that I’m about to watch a good movie and eat good food,” eighth grader Josh G. said. “The service is also great.”

The first Alamo Drafthouse was founded in 1997 in Austin, Texas. Since then, the Drafthouse has opened 25 other locations.

“When the Regal Cinema was re-modeling, I would go to the Alamo Drafthouse whenever a new movie that I wanted to see came out and also since it is built near my house,” seventh grader Sarah O. said.

Even though the Alamo Drafthouse has many unique features, students still think there are ways to improve. Sixth grader Lauren W. shares her idea for an improvement that she thinks would make the Alamo Drafthouse a better movie theater.

“The Alamo Drafthouse could be better if they added reclinable chairs like the other theaters do,” Lauren said. “It would make it more relaxing.”

The Alamo Drafthouse is different from regular movie theaters for many reasons, the main reason of them, being you can order and eat food in the movie theater.

“[The Alamo Drafthouse] is good because you can eat food besides popcorn [and candy] at your seat,” eighth grader Jack V. said.

The cost for a movie ticket during Monday through Thursday is 10.50$ in 2D and 12.00$ in 3D. The admission for a ticket Friday through Sunday is 11.00$ in 2D and 3D is 14.00$.

“The Alamo Drafthouse should change the rule of how old you have to be to watch a movie without a parent because not many teenagers want to go to the movies with their parents,” Seventh Grader Anna B. said.

When you are eating there, you can either eat from the Alamo Drafthouse regular menu, or you can eat from the bar 400 Rabbit’s Bar.

“Their food is really good and it is actual food unlike the regular candy [and popcorn] at a normal movie theater,” Sarah said.

Even though the Alamo Drafthouse has decorations inside and outside of the theater, it is still considered to keep up with the modern day.

“The Alamo Drafthouse is hipster because it is different from other theaters,” Anna said.