Top Four Restaurants to Visit in Austin


Kayla K. and Eva C.

4.Gus’s Fried Chicken-

Gus’s Fried Chicken is one of the best fried chicken places to go to. They are located at  San Jacinto Blvd in the downtown of Austin Texas. The chicken comes in various sizes with sides or as a plate.There is also kids meals so kids can enjoy too.The chicken is juicy but spicy,so if you like spicy foods then this is a place you should definitely check out.Even though there are long lines it is worth the wait.


3.P.F. Chang’s-

P.F. Chang’s food is made from hand crafted fresh natural ingredients. P.F. Chang’s has different varieties of chinese food. This delicious restaurant is also located at San Jacinto Blvd.This is a great place to bring friends and family that like to try new things.


2.Jack Allen’s-

Jack Allen’s has Texan food that is great to enjoy as a family.The Texan food can be as a salad, burger, fish from the grill, fried chicken breast, ribs, pork chops, New York strip steak, and yummy Texas tacos. Jack Allen’s is a great place to sit back, relax, and enjoy the Texas spirit.


1.Ramen Tatsu-ya-

Ramen Tatsu-ya is a really good healthy ramen place to go eat at. They have a unique enjoyable restaurant that brings out some Japanese culture.There is a wall that has a painting of a unique dragon and there are wooden boxes as chairs.There are different flavors of ramen ranging from original to really spicy ramen. The ramen can come with any type of bombs which is a side to make the ramen more spicy. This Japanese ramen place is the best when you want to have noodles that really fill you up.