We Should Wear Uniforms

Zach J., Digit Editor


Have you ever spent a ton of time picking out an outfit in the morning? Just trying to figure out what matches and what you won’t get judged about? This is a problem that teenagers of our generation have to face daily.

School uniforms get rid of the status and popularity that comes with wearing brand names. This cuts the drama and distraction that comes with picking out outfits that are perfect for the day. This makes kids focus more on school and not on how they look. If everybody wears the same thing, this gets rid of this problem and makes everybody feel equal in one way.

Some kids even get bullied for what they choose to wear normally. With school uniforms, this issue can be resolved too, leading to a happier and safer school. If we can get rid of one cause of bullying, we should do it.

Getting ready for school usually takes a long time for a lot of people. A school uniform makes it easy to just throw on an outfit and get to school on time. This is another thing that increases student attention on school.

Some people may say that uniforms are too formal and not comfortable. Everybody gets the generic school uniform idea from movies and TV shows, but the plaid skirts, button-up shirts, and ties are often not what a school dress code looks like today. Many times in a school with uniforms, the students have to wear polo shirts, khakis, and navy skirts, a much more reasonable option. Students can still add their own flare with bracelets, necklaces, and colored socks without sacrificing their focus on school.

With school uniforms, we can reduce the amount of bullying that occurs here, we can increase our student’s focus while in school, and we can reduce the amount of time it takes for a teenager to get ready for school.