Juiceland Opens a New Location


Hannah K. and Morgan T.


Juiceland is a well known smoothie and juice shop with many locations around Texas. Earlier this year, Juiceland opened their 17th location in the Austin area on West Parmer Lane. The owner opened the new location so people can easily access Juiceland from anywhere in Austin. Many students at Gorzycki go to the Brodie Lane and the Oak Hill locations.


“I think it is popular because of how good the smoothies are,” eighth grader Josh O. said. “They have quality over quantity; it’s not about how many smoothies they sell but how good they taste. Its environment is also really nice.”


Juiceland has a large variety of drinks. They have 68 different smoothies and juice choices on the menu. You can even request to create your own smoothies. Some of the smoothie types they have are kids smoothies, energy smoothies, berry smoothies, protein smoothies, and even hot drinks. Juiceland also has an assortment of foods. A couple meal options are salads and burritos they also have a collection of snacks.


“My favorite smoothie from Juiceland is the Home Run [apple juice, banana, and strawberry],” seventh grader Russell W. said. “I like it because it is not that expensive. The ingredients are simple and go really well together. It’s overall a really good smoothie.”


Juiceland is well known for their unique environment and freshly produced smoothies. Many students at Gorzycki like Juiceland for their bright colors, fun designs and their smoothies.


“Juiceland has a relaxing environment,” sixth grader Emily W. said. “Inside, it has bright green and orange colors. I also like Juiceland’s open, calming atmosphere.”


Students at Gorzycki have different opinions on the pricing at Juiceland. Most students think that Juiceland is overpriced but some disagree. A simple small smoothie at Juiceland can cost $4.95 or more; a large can be as expensive as $12.95.


“I think Juiceland is really overpriced because the small is really expensive,” seventh grader Allison F. said. “There is not that many ingredients so it really shouldn’t be that expensive.”


Seventh grader Russell W. disagrees with seventh grader Allison.


“I don’t really think it’s overpriced,” seventh grader Russell said. “I mean, the prices they have there seem reasonable because the smoothies are so good.”