2018 Capitol 10k


Ian A. and Brayden H.

The Statesman Capitol 10k is the largest 10,000 kilometer race in Texas and is in the top ten in the U.S. Turning 41 in 2018, the Cap 10K tradition will be on April 8, 2018. This will also be the first race where all runners and walkers will receive a medal for finishing.

“I am running with the Gorzycki 10k group this year and we are training each Friday,” eighth graders James Schroder said.

With the race being 6.3 miles long,  Edward Alonzi explains how he is preparing for the race.  

“ I’m going to eat light and stay hydrated while I’m training for the run.” Alonzi said

Last year the capitol 10k turned 40 years old. Seventh grade science teacher Ryan Mackenzie has been running the race for five years, but this is the first time that he is running it with the Gorzycki team.

“My fastest time was 45 minutes so this year, I am aiming for 45 or lower” Mackenzie said. “With my daily run before and after school I can meet that goal.”

Last year there was about 21,000 people registered to walk or run, this year there is a total of 23,200 registered runners for the 10k this year. This year Statesman has a 80’s costume contest as well, eighth grader James Schroder  shares some of the odd costumes that he saw at the cap 10k.

“Last year I saw a grown man with a dreadlocks cap and a tutu on and he look very silly.” Schroder. “I also saw a guy dressed up as a piñata handing out candy to kids.”

This year Matt McCurdy won the race with a total time of 33 minutes and 57 seconds which means that he won a total of $2000. Gorzycki came in second in the school challenge with a time of nine hours for the race while Paredes came in first with eight hours. James Schroder explains how the finish line was like with all the runners.

“The finish line is very festive, energetic, and fun with all the people cheering you on and all the food you can get from sponsors,” Schroder said.