Incredibles 2


Zola O. and Kinda N.

Incredibles 2


Four months ago, on June 15, 2018, the Incredibles 2 movie released in theaters across the US. The sequel to the Pixar movie broke box office records. 7th grader, Scarlet Crabtree, shared her opinion on the movie.

“I liked the movie,” Crabtree said. “It had a lot of action.”

Not everyone liked the movie. 8th grader, Alan Roth, had a different opinion on it.

“I didn’t really enjoy this movie. It took really long to come out and it wasn’t very exciting,” Roth said.

The main characters of the series are Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet, Dash, and Jack Jack. 8th grader, Marcos Elizondo, talked about his favorite character.

“Jack Jack is my favorite character. He has the best superpowers,” Elizondo said.

Most people who saw the movie had seen the first one. Students commented on how the second movie compared to the first.

“The second one was better,” Elizondo said, “It had more interesting details and a different concept from the first one.”

Crabtree agreed with Elizondo.

“I liked the second movie better because it was newer and had better graphics,” Crabtree said. “It was also longer.”

Roth disagreed with them and thought the first movie was better.

“I expected it to blow my mind. It really didn’t. It just wasn’t the best movie, and I won’t watch it again.”

These students shared if they would recommend this movie to anyone.

“I would recommend this movie if it was free. I wouldn’t want to spend money on it.” Roth said.

Crabtree disagreed with Roth.

“I would recommend this movie. It’s really entertaining,” Crabtree said.

“It’s a good movie for all ages.” said Elizondo.

They shared what they thought will be the topic of an Incredibles 3 if it was released.

“It will be about Jack Jack with his super powers,” Elizondo said.

“The movie would be about the Incredibles going on

a cruise ship where every passenger is in danger,” Crabtree said.

Elizondo had high praise for the new movie.

“It exceeded everything I expected.”