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Does the iPhone X and X Max Meet Expectations?

Have you heard about the new iPhone X or iPhone X Max? In late August, the newest addition to iPhones came out. The iPhone X Max. With new features, a wide screen frame, and with prices starting at over 1000 dollars, many people have opinions on this new iPhone. Alan Roth, Ani Farris, Cressida Rodriguez, and Mia Loo gave their opinions of this phone.


“I think the new iPhone is like every other iPhone,” Roth said.


“I believe in certain ways the new iPhone is better than previous iPhones like it has more convenient aspects to it, like the face ID,” Farris said.


The iPhone X Max is priced at around 1200 dollars. Student Mia Loo tells about how she feels about this price.


“Personally, I think the iPhone X and iPhone X Max is overpriced by a lot,” Loo said.

“The price of the IPhone X Max is not reasonable because the new IPhone is around $1000 and the most I’ve ever spent on an iPhone was $300,” Roth said.

The new iPhone X and iPhone X Max has abilities that previous iPhones do not have. Opening the iPhone has become easier with face ID. With a new 6.5 inch display, you can view live wallpapers, and the pictures you take with wide camera angles. You can store as many pictures as you want with the new option of 512 GB.


“I would like to own the iPhone X Max because it is the newest iPhone, and who wouldn’t want to own the newest iPhone?” said Roth.

“Sure, because it’s new and cool,” Farris said.


Many people own the iPhone X, but not that many people own the iPhone X Max, since it’s the newest model of iPhone.


“I know people who own the iPhone X, and they say it is really cool and the face recognition is their favorite part, but I do not know anyone who owns the iPhone X Max yet,”  Roth said.

“I knew a few people who owned it. My brother owned it, but lost it, but he said he liked the iPhone X a lot,” said Farris.

“I would like to own the iPhone X Max because it is really big, and I like that better than a smaller screen,” Rodriguez said.

Some people at Gorzycki own the iPhone X and they shared their opinions on it.

“Yes, I enjoy the IPhone X a lot because of all the new features like a really good camera and face ID,” Rodriguez said.


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