Is Food Your Friend or Enemy?

Nick C and Nicole Migliorin

Families have struggled to provide healthy meals to their children the past few decades because of our fast society.  This has made parents look for meals that are mass produced with preservatives and high salt. Most kids have ending up eating more fast food than they should, and they have not even thought about the impact it has brought to their current health and future problems it has caused. Eighth grader Carson Garcia said he doesn’t eat healthy and he thinks it does not affect his daily life.


“I have a good metabolism, so I don’t think it affects me, but I do feel bad for not eating healthy,” Garcia said.


Unlike Garcia, seventh grader, Mason Cottam agrees that eating healthy is “really important”, and and it does have an affect his daily life.


“I usually have a fruit smoothie every morning for breakfast, and I feel it gives me energy because when I don’t have it, I feel tired the entire morning,” Cottam said.


Seventh grader Sidney Morales, said he doesn’t feel “really good” after having eaten a lot of junk food, but he thinks it is worth it.


“At the moment, I feel pretty good, I enjoy the taste of the junk food,” Morales said.


There have been restaurants all over Austin, healthy and unhealthy places. Where is the best place to eat healthy? Sam Frederick gave his opinion on places to go to get a healthy meal.


“I don’t usually go to restaurants to eat healthy. When I want to eat healthy I usually eat at home,” Frederick said.


Their are some really unhealthy options out there. Pizza is usually considered a junk food, but some like to put healthy toppings on their pizza.  Garcia told us what he liked to use when he visited Modes pizza.


“Modes Pizza because it’s a pizza place and you can get unlimited toppings and I like to stuff it with meat,” Garcia said.


Having a healthy diet does not mean kids should completely eliminate junk food from their lives. Eighth grader Gabriel Migliorin has high cholesterol, which impedes him to eat too much foods that contain a large amount of fat.


“I always try to keep my diet balanced, and avoid eating cookies, candy bars, chocolate and snacks frequently ” Migliorin said “But I still get to eat them sometimes because I think that eating it now and then is not going to affect me.”