Basketball Begins for Seventh Grade Boys

Ryan K. and Ian C., Staff


Gorzycki’s seventh grade boys basketball team was formed. Tryouts were on November 9th and the 16th. 70 to 80 seventh graders tried out, but only 10 people made the A team, 12 people made B team, and 20 people made the C team.

Mason Wasserburger was very confident in his basketball skills and thought that he would make the A team, but Mason also knew that anything could have happened at the tryouts, so he tried not to get too confident.

“I’m pretty sure that I’ll make the A team because I have been playing basketball for a long time at a high level,” Wasserburger said. “I’m good at playing point guard because of my skills at dribbling and pushing.”

There were many seventh graders that thought they would make a high team, but there are also some seventh graders that thought that they wouldn’t place high at the tryouts because they were very focused on other sports and activities.

“I think I’ll make C team because I haven’t played basketball in a very long time. I have been very busy with football,” Colin Rice said. “I think I’ll have fun if I make a team because a lot of my friends will be trying out.”

Along with Wasserburger, Aiden Weinheimer also believes he will make a good team. Weinheimer’s coach who is really good, and he even had a chance to become a professional basketball player, so Weinheimer was very confident that he would do well at the tryouts.

“I’m almost sure I will make the A team because my step dad is a very good coach,” Weinheimer said. “I’m ok with playing any position but playing defense is always fun.”

There were 70 people trying out for a team. Some were hoping to make A, others were hoping to make C, but Cooper Fike believed he would make B team.

“I think I’ll make B team because I believe that I’m better than most of the kids trying out,” Fike said. “I like being shooting guard because throwing and shooting the ball is fun.”

Zachary Stein was super excited for the tryouts. He thought he would try his best to hopefully make the A team, but he also knew that there were many other skilled players who could’ve beat him.

“I think I’ll make the A team, but anything could happen,” Stein said. “I play shooting guard because I am skinny.”

As the basketball season begins, the excitement grows for the seventh grade boys. Mason Wasserburger is super excited for the season to start.

“I can’t wait for this season to start. It will be so fun to show everyone what I’ve got!”