Is Christmas really the most wonderful time of the year?

Allie Cinque, Corinne Irani, and

Holidays are a day of festivity or recreation that many people enjoy as a way to sit back and relax. December 25, 1870 marked the day Christmas was declared a federal holiday into the United States. It was one of the most recognized holidays in the world where you are encouraged to give gifts to the people you care about. Halloween was a night where you go house to house to receive candy and dress up in your choice of costume. Other widely celebrated holidays include, Halloween, New Years, Thanksgiving, and Easter.


Sixth grader, Mabel Gatsche, explained what her favorite holiday was, and what made it special to her.


“I like Halloween because you get candy, and I like making my costume with my friends, and we always make costumes that go together.”


Gorzycki student, Emily Ott, disagreed and thought Easter was the best holiday. She described what she tends to enjoy the most on that day.


“Easter is my favorite holiday, because we all go to church and have a small mass, and we serve everyone dinner and lunch.”


Sixth Grader, Breck Radloft, shared his favorite activities he took part in, and how it made Christmas his favorite time of year.

“I eat on Christmas eve with my family we have this big meal with turkey and other foods.” Radloft said. “But on Christmas day, I like opening presents, and you’re typically nicer to one another on that day.”


Easter was first created in 30 AD, and is typically celebrated on April 21. Ott elaborated on the tradition-like activites her and her family enjoyed on Easter, and what they liked to play.


“There’s not really a tradition, but me and my cousins like to play slenderman in the parking lot when it gets dark.”


The origins of Halloween came from a Celtic festival for the dead called “Samhain.” Gatsche shared her opinion on what has been good about Halloween compared to the other holidays.


“There’s more candy than any other holiday usually and you can bake something,” Gatsche said. “I like to show it off to everybody in my neighborhood.”