Fans Find Dr. Phil Fantastically Fanatical


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Liam W and Philip V

Many students at Gorzycki enjoy watching the TV show known as the Dr. Phil Show. In the show, Dr. Phil helps people that have potential psychiatric disabilities. Many people claim that the most exciting parts of the show are when Dr. Phil puts guests in their place with what some call stinging comebacks. Eighth grade Students Emilio Artigas, Patrick Kenny, and Andruis Velez  explain whether they think Dr. Phil can be a bit harsh.


“Dr. Phil could be a bit harsh to his guests” Artigas said “I watch more Judge Judy than I do Dr. Phil, but both he and the Judge can be pretty mean.”


Dr. Phil has been helping people for over 2,000 episodes. While he can be harsh, many argue that this is the most entertaining part of the show. This allows Dr. Phil to help more people.


“I don’t think he is too harsh,” Velez said. “The people he is yelling at have usually done things to provoke him, so he has every right to lash out verbally.”


Dr. Phil promises that he is trying to improve his guest’s lives. He can use many different tactics, such as sending some of his younger guests to ranches where they have to do manual labor. It has been debated whether Dr. Phil really wants to help people, or if he is just in it for the money.


“Dr. Phil definitely helps to improve lives,” Velez said, “He is very dedicated to his goals, and you can see that is really a kind soul.”


Dr. Phil has talked with many guests in the duration of his show including the girl who has become a youtube meme sensation.  These guests have gained popularity from the show, in positive and negative ways.


“I don’t watch the show enough to have a favorite guest,” Artigas said. “When I watch the show, I don’t really pay attention to the guests, just Dr. Phil.


Dr. Phil has seen guests with many different problems. From eating disorders to substance abuse, Dr. Phil does his best to assist all of his guests. Kenny shares his favorite guest.


“I watch the most popular ones,” Kenny said. “My favorite guest would have to be the plump young lady who ate an average of 30,000 calories per day. As he read the list of things she ate that day, I was in disbelief.”