What’s Your Talent?

Allison Cinque and Corinne Irani


The Talent show at Gorzycki Middle School has been offered to students to showcase their areas of specialty and what hobbies they may have had. The Tiger Talent Show will take place in May of 2019 and tickets cost 2$ each. One of the most common talents presented is singing/choir. Students could audition to make it into the event, as only 22 people are allowed to perform. Applications can be found outside the Choir room and auditions last around 2 and a half hours starting at 4pm. Eight grader, Ashley Boone, explained if she was attending the talent show and why she wanted to go.

“I’m going to the talent show this year because the one last year was a lot of fun and my friends are going,” Boone said.


One of the main goals of the Gorzycki Talent Show is to raise money for the school. Gorzycki student, Bianca Baram, explained whether or not she believed the event is an effective way of fundraising and why it could be useful.


“I think it could be useful for raising money and spending it on better equipment or school supplies that the school may need,”


All students have to do to be entered in the talent show is audition and send a printed copy of your report card since those that failed the six weeks can’t participate. Boone described what she would change about the performances or acts if she could.


“I wouldn’t change much I mean most of them are pretty interesting or cool but I guess maybe there could be more variety because a lot of people would sing,” Boone said.


There are many different talents students perform, but some of the most prominent are singing and dancing. The talents can range from hula hooping to playing instruments. Eight grader, Jillian Lewis, tell what her favorite acts to watch are and why she liked them so much.


“There was this one kid who had like 20 hula hoops on and he could do a bunch of tricks with it,  I thought it was cool because I’ve never seen something like that and it was different.”


Many students found the Tiger Talent Show a good way of presenting what they liked to do or be entertained by watching other people perform an act. Lewis said if she recommended attending the talent show and why or why not.

“I recommend going because it’s fun to see everyones talent and performing could be interesting if you’re comfortable being on stage, Tickets don’t cost very much and you can have a fun time with your friends.”