Sweet Caroline’s Snow Shack


Mikaylah Cook and Miya Kutac

Sweet Caroline’s is a casual snow cone trailer located on West Slaughter Lane across from Coffee Bean and Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. It was voted Austin’s favorite treat and is currently rated 4.5 stars. The trailer opened in June 2011 and has hours from 2:00 pm to 7:30pm, except for weekends when it opens at 12:00 pm.

Sweet Caroline’s has over 50 different flavors of snow cones. There are common and unique flavors to get along with a choice of toppings. Some of the favorites are Hawaiian Wedding, Keep Austin Weird, and Texas Two Step. Sixth grader, Ava Stewart explained her favorite flavors and toppings to get.

“I usually get a medium tiger blood with stuffing in it,” Stewart said.

Sweet Caroline’s meets many of are expectations, but not all. There are many things that the students enjoy about the trailer. For example, the snow cones, the staff, and the fact that it’s outside. Even though most students enjoy Sweet Caroline’s, they still have opinions on how to improve it. Seventh grader, Will Holm, explained what he would change about the snow shack.

“They do cash only so if they had a way to transfer credit cards that would be nice,” Holm said. “But overall it’s a pretty good place.”

The snow shack has many competitors including Shaved Ice Island, Jim Jim’s Water Ice, SnoMo, and Kona Ice. These places have many similarities and differences to Sweet Caroline’s. Sixth grader, Devyn Barnes, described how she compares the snow cone trailer to other shaved ice places.

“It’s got probably better service,” Barnes said. “It’s got more finely shaved ice than others.”

Most GMS students have gone to Sweet Caroline’s at least once to try one of their famous snow cones. Even though, the trailer is well known in Circle C, the students have different opinions on the matter. Holm explained what he would rate Sweet Caroline’s 1-5.

“Maybe a 4.5,” Holm said. “It’s usually a pretty fun place to go to if you want to get a snow cone.”