Yes Staycation Is the Way to Go

Zach J., Editor

Summer is all about enjoying your long-awaited break from school. And who else would you rather spend it with than friends and family? Staycations are the perfect way to relax and get away from your usual jobs & activities, but in the comfort of your own city that you love and know well. You can enjoy the fun things you know that you like after your time spent in the city.

After living in a city for a long time, people often forget to go out and explore some areas that they have never been before in the city. During a staycation, you can take advantage of the tourist attractions of your city. Austin is a huge city and full of neat nooks and crannies that you can find and enjoy such as food trucks, small restaurants/ businesses, and natural features like creeks and hiking trails.

A benefit of a staycation is the lack of cost. On a vacation, prices are often times insanely expensive. Businesses try to charge you extra for everything you buy. This adds up and you are left with a large bill to pay just for a little getaway. With a staycation, you don’t have to worry about hotel fees and many other vacation expenses. All you have to pay for is the small fee for your daytrip.

Vacations can put a lot of stress on the planners. Everything has to go perfect, yet problems can occur. This can make your vacation not exactly what you wanted it to be. On a staycation, you don’t really have to plan anything except for booking reservations at a restaurant or figuring out the time you will go to the mall. Less stress, more fun.

Overall, a staycation is better because you get to enjoy your summer vacation with all of your friends, you can find places in your city that you’ve never seen before, you don’t have to pay a ton of money for a simple getaway, and you don’t have to stress about the things that come with vacations.