Big Chungus in the Classroom


Phillip V. and Liam W.

Students have been talking about the Bugs Bunny cartoon that has been repurposed as the popular character known as Big Chungus. Eighth grade Students Joey Breevelt, Andrius Velez, and Seventh grader Ari Gerrard talk about how they first discovered the meme.⠀


“I first discovered Big Chungus by scrolling through instagram,” Breevelt said. “I saw a picture of this fat rabbit looking thing, and then I saw the caption reading as followed ‘Big Chungus’, and I instantly knew this was going to be the next big thing on Instagram.”


“My friend showed him to me,” Gerrard said. “I asked what it was, and he showed me how popular it was on Instagram. I thought it was pretty funny.”


“I was just scrolling through my feed on Instagram,” Velez said. “Then I just saw him and I couldn’t stop laughing.”


Big Chungus has become a daily topic of conservation, and is easily recognizable among the students, saff, and the parents of GMS. Students explain why they think Big Chungus has become so popular among the GMS community.


“He’s popular because his whole image is just weird,” Breevelt said. “ It’s really stupid and light-hearted, so I think it’s a really fun thing that everyone can appreciate.”


“I think the picture of a fat, cartoon rabbit is a funny thing to people,” Gerrard said. “Everyone always loves the most random things, and this is the new thing.”


“In my opinion, Big Chungus is a very popular meme,” Velez said. “The students are really into memes right now, and Big Chungus is the most popular one by far. I think he is popular because he very Chungusy looking, his name fits his picture.


With all of the popularity Big Chungus has gained, many people are creating fake games advertising gameplay involving Big Chungus, but not yet delivering. Students share their opinions on the false games.


“I think it’s a great idea,” Breevelt said. “It’s a funny thing to do, and it makes me want there to be an actual Big Chungus game.”


“I don’t like them because I really want to play a Big Chungus game,” Velez said. “It creates a temptation that can’t be fulfilled. I would like it if a Big Chungus game could become available.”


“I think it’s a pretty good idea,” Gerrard said. “I think it will make the meme more popular, and bring a lot of laughs with it.”