Do Students Choose Chuy’s?

Rowan P. and Jack C.

Chuy’s has been a Mexican restaurant that has been in Austin for about 37 years. Since then Chuy’s has gotten 102 locations in Texas and about 10 in Austin. Chuy’s usually has a option of outdoor and indoor areas to eat and enjoy food. Students Emmerson Beaker, Joaquin Murillo-Ruiz and Fionella Caputo Espinosa shared their opinion on the food quality, atmosphere, and service.  


“I really like the food there because it is very tasty I get the spinach enchilada every time,” Beaker said. “The Atmosphere is really creative, I really like that one of the rooms has a ceiling that’s made out of old car parts and I like the service because they were super nice there and they’re really good at getting stuff in on time.” Murillo-Ruiz agrees with Beaker, but has a different opinion about the food.


“The food quality is pretty good it’s a little greasy, but it’s still good.” Murillo-Ruiz said. “The atmosphere is pretty cool I like going to the car room, it’s pretty cool, and the service is pretty good, too, it’s fast and servers are nice.” Others like Caputo Espinosa do not like the food or the atmosphere.


“I don’t like it, it’s really greasy and it’s kinda gross,” Caputo Espinosa said. “It’s really loud in there and there’s a lot of people and it gets annoying after a bit, while the waiters are really nice and they get out your food really quickly.”


Because of how long Chuy’s has been around people may have gone multiple times and most of the time first impressions matter. Students said how they were first introduced to Chuy’s.


“It was when I used to live in Dallas my dad and I we were driving and we saw a Chuy’s.” Beaker Said. “My dad just stops by after Cosco just to have lunch one year and I loved it ever since.” Murillo-Ruiz tells his story of how he was first introduced to Chuy’s.

“I was introduced to Chuy‘s because my family and I were going out to eat one night and the places that we wanted to go we’re all crowded,” Murillo-Ruiz said. “So we were driving around and we saw this place called Chuy’s and it looked pretty good so we went.”


There are many restaurants in Texas with Mexican food and some even compete with Chuy’s, students said what companies they think are competing with Chuy’s and which one is better.


“Torchy’s is what I really think of, and I actually do think it’s better because I really like the food there better, but also there’s a couple fast food restaurants that I’ve been to that I think do not compete with Chuy’s,” Beaker said. “Then there are other, much nicer restaurants that I do not like as much as Chuy’s.” Fionella C agrees that Torchy’s has been competing with Chuy’s and thinks the same way.


“I think Torchy’s competes with them,” Caputo Espinosa said. “Because they’re both like kinda Tex-Mex food and Torchy’s is better because it taste better.”


Chuy’s has over 50 items on the menu and some being very different than others. Students said what they like most to order whenever they go to Chuy’s.


“I really like the spinach enchilada with the red sauce because it’s just really made well,” Beaker said. “I like the flavor of it plus it’s healthier than a lot of the other choices on the menu.”


“My favorite food to get there is the beef fajita,” Murillo-Ruiz said. “It’s pretty good because it has a lot of beef.”