An Inside Look At Crowd Pleasers Dance

The Crowd Pleasers Dance competition took place on February 23, 2019 at Hendrickson High School. Dancers from many different companies and schools, including GMS, came to compete. Eighth grader Amanda Buentello explained what her favorite part of competition was.

“I liked being able to compete with my friends, because all our hard work paid off,” Buentello said.

Not everything about the competition went well though, there are things that some students would like to change for next year. Eighth grader, Helena Hart, explained what she hopes will be different for next time.

“I would change it so we don’t have to get up as early. I had to get up at five in the morning, and I was so tired,” Hart said.

This year GMS won first place for open, prop, novelty, lyrical, contemporary, and kick. Seventh grader Brylee Bays explained how she thinks she did herself, then how her team performed.

“I failed pretty bad in one of my dances, because I dropped my prop and then picked it up. But my team danced really good” Bays said.

There was eight different dances that the three teams at Gorzycki preformed. Amanda Buentello, a Tigerette, explained what her favorite dance to be in was and why.

“My favorite was contemporary, because we did really well, and we won,” Buentello said.

For the first couple years, Gorzycki dance teams went to Showcase International, but they later started going to Crowd Pleasers and have been going there ever since. Students tell us if they think they did better or worse than last time.

“I think our team did a little bit worse, because we didn’t win as much as last year,” Hart said.

Some dancers are used to performing in front of large crowds, and it doesn’t make them nervous. Amanda Buentello explains how it felt to be on the stage.

“It felt fine, because I have experience, and I have been to over 40 dance competitions,” Buentello said.

Although some students are used to performing, for some dancers, Crowd Pleasers was their first time. This is Brylee Bays first time on dance team, and she explains how it felt to be on stage.

“It wasn’t really nerve racking, and it just felt like how it does in class,” Bays said.

Most Dancers would vote Crowd Pleasers to be a positive experience. Helena hart explains what the overall experience was like.

“The overall experience was good, because it was really fun and I feel like I had more fun this year than I did last year,” Hart said.

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