Do You Have the Write Stuff?

Students in Gorzycki enjoy writing and sharing stories with friends. Writing club allows kids from Gorzycki to do just that. In room 706, Writing Club meets every Friday after school. Seventh grader, Bella Shirling, explained why they wanted to join writing club.

“I enjoy writing in general, and when I found out there was a club for writing, I instantly joined. It worked out great because I’m also new to this school,” Shirling said.

Seventh grader, Ashira Fronk, talked about what inspired her to join the writing club.

“I joined writing club because I love to write. I also wanted to make friends with other writers,” Fronk said.

Many people new to the writing community have at least one moment where writing affected their life. Seventh grader, Raven Kemenesi, explained her long history with writing.

“I have a passion for writing, and I have loved writing since I was a little kid and when I found out there was a club for writing, I was so happy,” Kemenesi said.

Many students like to share different stories with their friends. Shirling described if writing club allows others to share their written stories and how it makes them feel.

“Every time we meet, we share stories at the end of class. It’s the best part of writing club because you get to share your creativity with everyone there. It’s kind of a special moment that the whole club enjoys. When most people think of a writing club, they might think it’s a boring writing class, but it’s totally different,” Shirling said.

Even though writing club sounds like a club where only writing goes on, Shirling explained how it’s more than just the average after school club. She shared one funny experience that happened at writing club.

“My friend, Raven, said she was afraid of high ceilings, and we all looked up at the ceiling and laughed,” Shirling said.

In writing club you can make your stories however you want, you can make them funny, sad, or scary. Kemenesi explained why she thinks anyone can make a great comedian with their own twist.

“Everytime I go to writing club, there is a new comedian (AKA a student from GMS),” Kemenesi said.

There are many reasons to join an after school club. Shirling explained why other kids should join the club.

“Other kids at Gorzycki should join! Even if you don’t enjoy writing, it’s good practice,” Shirling said. “Also, really nice people are apart of the club, and they give you good advice.”

Fronk not only answered if she would recommend the club, but she also reveals how writing club makes her feel.

“If you love spending time writing and sharing stories, writing club is for you,” Fronk said. “But, it’s also not just about writing; we play fun games and enjoy being silly and creative. It really just makes my day.”

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