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Austin Kite Festival Takes Flight

Since 1929, people all over Texas attended the Zilker Park Kite Festival. The festival is known to have a number of different kites and a family-friendly atmosphere. This year, 59,256 people are expected to attend, some of which are from Gorzycki.

Sixth grader, Ryan Terrell, is excited to join the festival this year. He explained how long he’s been going and why he enjoys it.

“My first time I went was when I was seven. It’s fun flying a kite and hanging out with others,” Terrell said.

Even though the Kite Festival is crowded with all types of people, there is still so much to enjoy. Seventh grader, Lauren Riegler, explained why she enjoyed going to the festival.

“Since I was five, I started going, and I liked to see all the different kites people had,” Riegler explained.

Family time is important to most GMS students. The kite festival is a great way to spend time with family. Seventh grader, Brooklyn Clegg, explained why she enjoys going.

“I like to hang out with my family. My dad took me to my first [festival] to fly a kite, and I’ve liked it ever since,” Clegg said.

There are so many types of festivals all over Austin with their own unique touch. Clegg explained the atmosphere of the Kite Festival.

“It’s very family friendly, and whenever I go, I feel happy,” Clegg explained.

People go to the kite festival for the beautiful scenery and the enjoyment of being with friends and family. Terrell explained why he enjoys the atmosphere of the festival.

“I really enjoy how the kite festival is set up at a park. It is filled with lots of families that enjoy going, and that makes it have a positive atmosphere,” Terrell said.

Many students like where the Kite Festival is with the beautiful view of downtown. Riegler explained what she thinks of the view.

“The atmosphere of the festival is joyful and happy. One of my favorite parts is the downtown view; it’s really cool to see the tall buildings,” Riegler said.

There are a variety of kites all around the world. Clegg explained if she normally brings a kite to the festival and if so, what it looks like.

“I don’t bring any crazy looking kites every time I go, but when I see a really crazy kite, I ,all the sudden, want one,” Clegg said.

Terrell described what his kite looks like that he brings to the Festival.

“I bring a basic kite, not as much detail as others but still a little bit eye catching,” Terrell said.

There are many kites at the kite festival. Some are big, some are small, and all very creative. Riegler described what type of kite she brings to the kite festival.

“When my family and I go, we bring small kites so we can test out each one,” Riegler said. I have always loved kites, and this festival makes me really happy.”

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