Nintendo Launches Switch Console

Nintendo Launches Switch Console

Zach C. and Riley P.

The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s newest console. The Nintendo Switch was launched on March 3 of this year and is available worldwide. The Nintendo switch includes three different controller options, including a mode where you can play on the go.

“The Nintendo switch is different from other consoles because it is more convertible,” Sixth Grader Alejandro G. said. “Also, you can pick up the D-pad and play somewhere else.”

The Nintendo Switch game cartridges are 35.0 mm × 33.0 mm × 3.8 mm.

“The Nintendo Switch is different because you don’t see consoles with smaller game cartridges,” eighth grader Emily H. said. “Also it is innovative and has different changeable parts.”

Sixth Grader Alejandro thinks the Nintendo switch is overpriced.

“I would recommend the Switch to others because there is many ways to play,” Alejandro Gonzalez said. “Also because you can play games with just a small controller that requires only one hand.”

The Nintendo Switch sold 80,000 consoles its opening weekend compared to the Xbox One’s 150,000 sold.

“I don’t think the Nintendo switch will be one of the most popular consoles,” Emily said. “Although, I think it will have popular games.”

Sixth Grader Alex P. first heard about the Nintendo Switch during early March.

“The advantages are the Nintendo Switch is, it is portable,” Alex Parrish said. “Which means you can bring the Nintendo Switch in your backpack.”

The Nintendo Switch’s average price is $300 and can bought online and stores.

“I think they should change the price,” seventh grader Brandon M. said. “Because it’s 300 dollars,is too expensive.”

Emily’s favorite game is Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.

“I would recommend the Nintendo Switch to others because it is a cool experience,” Emily said. “Also, Breath of the Wild is the coolest game ever.”

Brandon likes how you can take of the screen and the controllers.

“An advantage of the Nintendo Switch is how you can take off the portable screen, and you can play with two players, rather than only one,” Brandon said.

The Nintendo Switch can does not need WiFi to play games.

“Some advantages are you can take it on the go, and you don’t need a T.V. or WiFi,” Emily said.

The Nintendo Switch’s battery can die in as little as two and a half hours.

“A disadvantage is how the Nintendo Switch doesn’t have a long battery life, so if you move it from the T.V. the battery will not last long,” Alex said.

Brandon thinks the Nintendo Switch is more portable than other consoles.

“With all the hype about it I think the Nintendo switch will be a popular console in the future,” Brandon said.