Is this years eighth grade field trip one to remember?

Allison Cinque and Corinne Irani


At the end of every year, all eighth graders go on a field trip to celebrate graduating middle school. This year eighth graders will be going to see Spiderman; Into the Spider-verse in the Alamo Drafthouse theatre, and the field trip was organized by the new math teacher, Ms. Kuhn. After watching the movie, they will take buses to the Circle C Pool where they swim and have a picnic. Students have an option of leaving the pool at 2:00, 2:20, 2:40, or 3:00, and after all the students are back, ice cream will be served. Eighth grader, Cressida Rodriguez described what she was most looking forward to for this year’s field trip.

“Im looking forward to seeing the movie with my friends and hanging out with them at the pool,” Rodriguez said.

In sixth grade, all the students went and watched Harry Potter, and in seventh grade all the students went to the Circle C Pool. Some students feel that the field trips have been a little repetitive. Gorzycki student, Kendall Gajkowski explained what she was least looking forward to for this year’s field trip.  

“I think it’s going to be really repetitive because we did practically the same thing for sixth and seventh grade, and I also feel like it will be really hot and really crowded,” Gajkowski said.

Eighth graders were asked to pay a fine of $20 to attend the movie theatre and pool party. This fine covered the ticket for seeing the movie, transportation, the pool, and food provided. Eighth grader, Zoe Kerns described if she believed the price was reasonable compared to what you would be getting.

“I think the price was reasonable because it pays for the food you get there and the movie ticket and bus,” Kerns said.

Students have the option to not participate in seeing the movie, going to the pool, or both. Those who decide to not attend stay at the school and watch movies or play games. Rodriguez explained why she chose to go to the end of the year field trip.

“I want to go because if I didn’t I would have to stay at the school with only like five other people and all my friends are going so it should be fun.” Rodriguez said.

When organizing the last field trip, the teachers took many locations into consideration. In the previous year, eighth graders also visited the Circle C Pool. Kerns described what she would prefer to do instead.

“I would want to do something new because we already went to the pool last year maybe like TopGolf or something.” Kerns said.