The Happiest Place on Earth


Photo By: Mia Loo

Miya K and Mikaylah C

Most people go to Disney World for a magical experience, but the Gorzycki dance teams are going to compete. This year all three Gorzycki dance teams, the Tigerettes, the Tiger Dancers, and the Tiger Drills are going to Disney World in Orlando, Florida to compete against other middle school dance teams. The dance teams will be going to Disney on February 28th, to have fun with friends and compete in their dance competition. The flight from Austin, Texas to Orlando, Florida is 2 hours and 30 minutes. In spite of the long flight, Karsen Young, a Tigerette, is excited to fly with her dance team.

“I think it will be a fun flight because we can do whatever we want,” Young said. ”We will also get get to chill before the dance competition.”

The flight to Disney may be fun, but it does cost quite a bit of money. The flight from Austin, Texas to Orlando, Florida is anywhere from $100 to $250 and the tickets for Magic Kingdom cost $116 per person. Overall, the dancers have to pay $1,160 to go to Disney World, including the flight and the hotel. This is what Olivia Cassidy, another Tigerette, said about the price.

“The price is good. It’s just a little expensive, but we are going to Disney World and we are going on a flight,” Cassidy said,”Disney’s going to be a family trip so my parents are fine with the price.”

While some people think Disney world is a little pricey they still think that it’s worth it. Most people go to Disney to fit in some family time or to just have fun. The most popular rides in Disney World are Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, and the Pirates of the Caribbean. Although the dancers are going to be dancing most of the trip, they are still going to have some free time to do what they want. This is what Cassidy plans on doing in her free time.

“I’m excited to go with my friends and dance at disney,” Cassidy said. “In my free time I’m going to ride rides at disney with my friends and have fun.”

Disney World is the most visited amusement park in America. They get around 19,332,00 visitors a year. The dancers will be going there in February to have fun together and compete. Young is very excited for the opportunity to go to Disney World.

“I am very excited for Disney because it’s a great way to bond with my team,” Young said. “We are going to be competing and having a good experience.”