Do students find Drama Club Dramatic enough?

Rowan P., Staff Writer

Drama Club is an after school activity for students of Gorzycki. Drama Club has been around for a while now and many people go to it for the games, food, and hanging out with friends. 8th Grade student Owen Aleman, who has been to every Drama Club, said why he first went to Drama Club.


“I went to Drama Club because my sister had gone before me” Aleman said. “And it is fun to hang out with my friends.” Eighth Grade student Jax Hertzberg says why he first went to Drama Club.


“I am not sure how many Drama Clubs I have been to,” Hertzberg says. “But I went because I thought it was gonna be fun and my friend told me about it.”


Drama Club has a lot of different things to do including games, food and more. Many people like and dislike different things about it. Aleman said what he likes and dislikes about Drama Club.


“My favorite part about drama club is messing around and talking with my friends,” Aleman said. “But I think drama club could have more things to do.” Jax Hertzberg has a very similar opinion, but he has another opinion on the snacks at Drama Club.


“I like Drama Club because all of the games are pretty fun,” Hertzberg said. “But I do think that the snacks could be better.”


There are usually about 6 Drama Clubs every year, but for some of the students that is not enough. Seventh Grade student Zachary Kohlmyer explains why he does or doesn’t want more Drama Clubs.


“I think they need more Drama Clubs because it’s fun and they don’t have that many,” Kohlmyer said. “But I do feel like it would be hard to plan all of the Drama Clubs.” Unlike Kohlmyer, Aleman thinks that there are enough in one year.


“I don’t think there should be more I think there’s a good amount,” Aleman said. “It’s frequent enough and if you want to go you can plan it.”


Drama Club can teach people about theatre while doing something fun and sometimes it can inspire students to do more in theatre. Aleman says what he has learned and if it makes him want to pursue more theatre things in the future.


“Drama club has taught me to be myself and to go out and do stuff instead of sitting around and being boring,” Aleman said. “But I don’t really think drama club has inspired me, but since I’m already doing theater I plan to do more of that in the future.” Hertzberg has been taught something different and he says Drama Club does inspire him.


“Drama Club taught me about how to try not to laugh, the games have taught me to keep a serious face,” Hertzberg said. “It does inspire me because it makes me want to act a lot more.”