Students Love Torchy’s Tacos

Liam Watson and Phillip Vogt

Torchy’s Tacos is a taco restaurant with locations all over Austin. The restaurant is highly popular among the students and teachers of Gorzycki Middle School. Eighth graders Easton Jones and Alan Roth describes their experiences at Torchy’s Tacos.


“It was a nice experience, the food is tasty and well made,” Jones said. “The quality of the food is great, especially the hillbilly queso, my favorite thing to get. The queso is a combination of melted cheese, guacamole, the famous Diablo sauce, and a nice spoonful of chorizo.”


Eighth Grader Alan Roth describes his first time at Torchy’s. “The atmosphere was epic gamer style,” Roth said. “Those tacos are made with 100% love, not hate.”


Cameron Mormon, a fellow Torchy’s addict, describes what he always loves to order at Torchy’s.


“A hillbilly queso for sure.” Moorman said. “I also like to get the two dinner tacos because Torchy’s cares about the quality of their tacos making it a great place to eat.”


Roth also enjoys many menu items at Torchy’s, but lists his favorite go-to menu item.


“The ol’ Bean and Cheese burrito has the perfect amount of love and taste! It’s the taste of home!”


With all the love for Torchy’s many students are looking forward to the opening of the new Torchy’s on Slaughter Lane, a short walk away from Gorzycki. Moorman describes how the new location will affect him.


“The new location will allow me to eat more tacos and chips.” Moorman said. “I love Torchy’s”  


“I am very excited for the new location,” Roth said. “I have a Torchy’s right by my house so I can walk off all those taco calories. However, having another location by me will make me fatter…in a lovable way.”


When asked to sum up Torchy’s in one sentence, Jones gave his opinion.


“The atmosphere of the restaurant is very nice. The staff is friendly and the food is great,” Jones said. “What more could you ask for?”


Roth also held his praise for the taco restaurant. “ I just love Torchy’s,” Roth said. “The food, the drinks, everything. I honestly have no complaints about the restaurant. Five out of five stars.”


“Torchy’s forever.” Moorman said. “If you’re looking to find a some great tacos and great queso at a reasonable price, look no further. I am very excited for the new location and will be first in line on opening day.”