7th Grade Football Domination


Jake C. and Miles S., Staff Writer


The 7th grade football A team started the season off with a tough loss to Murchison Middle School. After this defeat, the tigers decided to become a stronger team.

Seventh grader, Logan MeCrea is on the A team and has been playing football for three years.

“I decided to join the football team because all my friends were joining, and I had played tackle football in the past,” MeCrea said. “I wanted to represent my school through what I do best and that’s football.”

There are many more lineman that work as a team together. One of these Lineman is Julian Laughlin, who started playing football in fourth grade.

“I started playing football because my family loves sports, and I wanted to give the sport a try,”  Laughlin said. “ After I tried football for the first time, I enjoyed it and decided to keep playing.”

Cole Miller played the quarterback position for the seventh grade A team.

“One of the hardest responsibilities when being the quarterback is memorizing every play,” Miller said. “ To help me memorize the plays, I study them whenever I have time to perform to my highest ability.”

Cole Miller and Colin Rice provided tips to the incoming seventh graders next year that are looking to join the football team.

“If your going to play, always study your play book as much as you can and eat your veggies so your body can perform well,” Rice said.

“You need to give 110% effort on and off the field as well as going to the Bowie Football camp because that will give you that extra edge,” Howard said. “Also, it is very important to train during the offseason, so you stay in shape.”

Most of the players on the football team have experience playing flag football. Lineman Colin Rice explained how tackle football is different from flag.

“Flag football has a much slower tempo than tackle in my opinion, anyone can play receiver on a flag football team,”Rice said.   

Football coach, Coach Nyc, felt that “football has been a very unique sport because there are 11 players on the field at a time”.

“I like football because it is enjoyable and energetic. Also, the players really friendly off the field, but on the field, our team is fierce,” Vail said. The seventh grade A team had a great season and ended up winning the city championship.