Do Strict Parents Make Sneaky Kids?

Kaitlyn S and Grace A

Strict parenting is usually what motivates kids to do well in school and not make bad decisions. However, in some cases, strict parenting actually results in their children being sneaky and wanting to rebel so they can have more freedom. The kids learn tactics to get away with stuff without their parents knowing. Student Izzy Detrich explains whether or not she thinks strict parents make sneaky kids.


“I don’t think strict parents make sneaky kids,” Detrich said. “I think having strict parents makes you more aware of everything around you and I think it teaches you to be more careful.”


In some cases, it is believed that strict parenting does, in fact, keep their kids from getting in trouble. However, some people have different opinions on whether or not strict parents make sneaky kids. Student Aly Calixto gives her view on the subject.


“I think the stricter the parents the sneakier the kids,” Said Calixto. “The more rules your parents set for you to follow, the more eager you are to break them. It’s like, If the kid is told not to do something, the more he or she will want to do it.”


Every parent has their own way of parenting. Some parenting techniques are found to be stricter or more harsh than others. This affects the childhood of many kids today. Student Aly Calixto explains how her parents discipline her.


“My parents usually take my phone away,” Calixto said. “However if I do something really bad, they will ground me and not let me go out with friends.”


On the opposite side of the spectrum, Some parents are not as harsh when disciplining their children. Some parents will take less extreme measures and only have minor consequences when their child gets in trouble. Student Laurie Hartnett explains how her parents discipline her.


“My parents rarely take my phone away,” Hartnett said. “But when they do, they only will take it away for maybe an hour or two.”


Every parent has their own set of rules and expectations for their children. Some don’t punish their kids for certain things that other parents might. Students Izzy Detrich and Aly Calixto explain what they do that usually influences their parents to punish them.


“I usually only get in trouble if I don’t turn in my phone at night or if I talk back to my parents.” Detrich said. “It doesn’t happen that often, but when it does, I just get my phone taken away until my mom gives it back.”