How much do electives really help us?

Allison Cinque and Corinne Irani

Gorzycki Middle School has had a wide variety of electives ranging from wood shop to guitar and art. There were certain required electives, such as a fine arts and P.E, and other electives that were just for students to enjoy. Students could have year long electives, which have counted for two, or just semester electives. Seventh Grader, Suha Ajaz, told what her favorite electives have been and why she liked it.

“My favorite electives are orchestra and Green Ag 2,” Ajaz said.“I like Green Ag because I like being around animals and plants.”

Students could have either three year long electives, or six semester electives, including Physical Education. Gorzycki student, Porter Hilton, shared his opinion on the amount of electives students were offered, and whether it should be lowered or raised.

“I think as we grow older we should have more electives and such in high school,” Hilton said.

At the end of each year, counselors would come to each class and help students fill out their choice sheet for next year. Seventh Grader, Rylan Ong described what electives he will be taking next year and why.

‘I’m taking orchestra because I promised my parents I would go through with it until high school,” Ong said. “I’m also doing french two so I can get my high school credit.”

While there has been a wide variety of electives offered, some students felt there are different electives that should be added or taken away from the choice sheet. Ajaz explained what electives she believed should be added or taken away and why she felt that way.

“I feel like we should have like a parents class and a cheer class also free periods where we can leave and during our free period we can like walk to HEB,” Ajaz said.

The purpose of electives being added to our school schedule was to help kids find their career paths, hobbies, and dislikes. Student, Sydney Parsons explained whether or not these electives have helped her decide what she wants her career to be, what she likes, and what she dislikes.

“Dance class and Mrs. Hanson has helped me so much she really helps me emotionally,” Parson said. “Dance and cheer, orchestra and choir, culinary, skills for living are the best electives because they were a lot of fun and improved our skills. We should take out theatre and band and guitar because nobody does it we definitely should take out some clubs because they are all boring and useless.”