New Year, New You?

Allison Cinque and Corinne Irani



Many Gorzycki students have New Year resolutions. A New Year’s resolution is a promise you make to yourself to be a better person. Generally people make a new resolution every year, and see it through to the next year. Whether or not a person has a resolution or what it is depends on the person and their beliefs. Resolutions can range from eating better to becoming a whole new person. Sydney Parsons told whether or not she had New Year’s resolutions and what they were.


“Yes I do, and it is to be on my phone less,” Parsons said. “If you’re on your phone too much it’s not good.”


Some people have resolutions that involve physical activities, while others include more mental aspects. Ava Grosso described what her Resolution was and why she had made it.


“My new years resolution was to start running more and increase my speed for soccer.” Grosso said.

In general, 25% of the population have had resolutions, however 8% of those people have kept them throughout the course of a year. Grosso explained whether or not they have kept their resolutions so far this year.


“Yes, I run with my parents every weekend.” Grosso said.


Not only do resolutions make you more aware of how to become a better person, but there  have been great benefits to them. Sixth grade student, Elle Reatnar, said how her resolution has helped her become a better person.


“I’ve noticed I can do more activities and I’m better at running probably,” Reatnar said. “This helps me with athletics.”

Another reason many people have made these promises is to help them get through the year’s troubles. Grosso told how her resolution has helped her to be more aware of what she is doing.


“I’ve been more aware if I’m watching netflix on my phone that I should probably get up and run around.” Grosso said.


Many people’s New Year’s resolution have been in place to help them better their character and have a fresh start. Reatnar described why she thinks resolutions are important for somebody to have.


“I think it’s important because it makes you a better person,” Reatnar said. “If you don’t do it then you’re still a good person, but I just like them because it is a goal and challenges are fun.”