Gourdough’s is a Popular Donut Shop in Austin


Reagan Z., Staff Writer

Gourdough’s is a local donut shop. They are known for their massive sized and wild flavored donuts, that are topped with foods such as fried chicken.

“I ordered the Mother Clucker, which is served with fried chicken on top of it and it’s really good,” Grace G. said. “For dessert I like to get Black Out, it’s made with brownies and chocolate.”

There are many places to buy donuts in Austin, but sixth graders Lainey K. shares what makes Gourdough’s different from the others.

“Gourdough’s donuts are not as light and you can eat them as a meal because of how much food they provide with each donut,” Lainey said.

Gourdough’s has three different locations in Austin, of those locations two of them are indoor restaurants and one is a food truck. Grace shares what her favorite location is and why.

“I like the downtown location because they have nice waiters that are always making jokes and a bigger variety in donuts on the menu,” Grace said.

Seventh grader Ava W. says why she first went to Gourdough’s.

“I went to Gourdough’s for the first time when my mom took me there for my birthday, because she knows that I enjoy shopping and eating downtown,” Ava said.

Gourdough’s upbeat and fun environment helps attract customers, Seventh grader Charlie S. explains what he thought when he first went to Gourdoughs.

“I really liked the first time I went there because I didn’t know what they had and it was a surprise and something new and different,” Charlie said.

Gourdoughs donuts are very well liked because of their amount of toppings on each donut, seventh grader Jessie B. says why she likes it and who else she would recommend it to.

“I like it because they do really exotic flavors and they can also make sandwiches with donuts and it’s really good,” Jessie said. “I recommend it to anybody, they have a donut for everyone.”

Although Gourdough’s does not allow you to create your own donut, Charlie says what he would put on his donut if he could.

“I would create a breakfast donut and it would have bacon, eggs, breakfast sausage, hash browns, and the donut would be glazed, it would be delicious,” Charlie said.